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Market Realist was founded in 2013 to make institutional-quality market research more accessible for both experts and non-professionals. Through our site and partner feeds, we share must-know news highlights, in-depth analysis, and overviews of companies as well as industries. We also publish quick-read newsletters that make it easy for our readers to stay informed.

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Savanna Leslie, Editor-in-Chief
Jessica Hickson, Senior Editor
Coralie Emberson, Copy Editor
Emily Reiner, Copy Editor
Meagan Bussert, Copy Editor
Megan Dean, Copy Editor
Sarah Stinnissen, Copy Editor
Nadra Bourdi, SEO Strategist
Jacquelyn Leyva, Social Media Strategist
Grace Nightingale, Copywriting Intern


Adam Jones, Lead Analyst
Mohit Oberoi, Lead Analyst
Puja Tayal, Lead Analyst
Sharon Bailey, Lead Analyst
Adam Rogers, Analyst
Ambrish Shah, Analyst
Amit Singh, Analyst
Anirudha Bhagat, Analyst
Anjana Viswanathan, Analyst
Anuradha Garg, Analyst
David Moadel, Contributor
Ken Pyle, Contributor
Maitali Ramkumar, Analyst
Margaret Patrick, Analyst
Michael Bracken, Contributor
Mike Sonnenberg, Analyst
Namrata Sen Chanda, Analyst
Nivedha Elango, Analyst
Oleksandr Pylypenko, Contributor
Rabindra Samanta, Analyst
Rajiv Najapla, Analyst
Rekha Khandelwal, Analyst
Ruchi Gupta, Analyst
Shankar Iyer, Analyst
Shreerag Menon, Analyst
Sneha Nahata, Analyst
Sushree Mohanty, Analyst
Sybil Prowse, Contributor
Umar Khan, Analyst
Vineet Kulkarni, Analyst