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China slowdown and economy

China Slowdown: Has the Economy Bottomed Out?

China’s slowdown has increased amid the US-China trade war. Some of the recent economic indicators suggest that the Chinese economy might be bottoming out.
Steel and USMCA

Does the USMCA Still Have a Steel Problem?

The USMCA (United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement) was signed last year. However, only Mexico has ratified the agreement so far.
US steel

For the US Steel Industry, China’s No Longer the Villain!

For a long time, US steel producers blamed Chinese steel exports for depressing prices. However, Chinese exports have fallen sharply this year.
China November trade data

China Trade Data Shows Trade Surplus Narrowed

Today, China released its November trade data. The data has assumed even greater significance amid the US-China trade war and China’s slowdown concerns.
Dow Jones Index

Dow Jones Faces Several Litmus Tests Next Week

The Dow Jones Index (DIA) fell 0.6% last week but is still trading near its all-time highs. This week, we have several potentially market-moving events.
US economy

US Economy: Trump Was Right in 2019, maybe 2020?

President Trump often touts a strong US economy. He sees it as a result of his administration’s policies. However, observers are forecasting a recession.
dow jones

Will the Dow Jones Keep Trading Strong as Trade Talks Stall?

Phase one trade deal continues to look uncertain. With better-than-expected jobs report, Dow Jones recovered later in the week.
employment data

Employment Data: Trump’s Reelection Chances Grow

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a rise of 266,000 in non-farm employment data for November, which lifted the equity market.
trump impeachment

Trump Impeachment: ‘The Democrats Should Apologize’

On Wednesday, Donald Trump tweeted that “the Democrats should apologize to the American people” for initiating the impeachment inquiry against him.