Twitter Chroma Labs

Twitter Acquires Chroma Labs, Profit Hits $1.5 Billion

Twitter hasn't disclosed how much it spent on the Chroma Labs acquisition. However, the company exited 2019 with a strong balance sheet.
TSLA stock Tesla

TSLA Stock: Short Interest Plunges, Bulls Take Charge

TSLA stock short-sellers have lost billions of dollars amid the incredible rally that started in October. Bears have been in oblivion and bulls have taken charge.
AMD Stock

AMD Stock Got a Downgrade: Is There Limited Upside?

Wells Fargo analyst Aaron Rakers downgraded AMD stock to “equal weight” from the earlier rating of “overweight.” However, he increased its target price.

Marijuana Legalization Hopes Crashed in New Mexico

Recently, the House proposed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis. However, marijuana legalization hopes have crashed in New Mexico for this year.
PayPal stock

Did the Coronavirus Outbreak Make PayPal Stock More Attractive?

Recently, PayPal became the first foreign financial services company to secure a license to provide digital payment services in China.

Domino’s Pizza Stock Rose Due to Earnings Beat

Today, Domino's Pizza reported its fourth-quarter earnings. The company reported revenues of $1.15 billion, which beat analysts' estimates of $1.13 billion.

US Cannabis Companies Seek Bankruptcy Protection from Canada

Due to rising financial constraints, US cannabis companies are seeking bankruptcy protection from Canada. In the US, marijuana still isn't legal at the federal level.
T-Mobile Sprint Merger

T-Mobile Provides Key Update on Its Sprint Merger Deal

On Wednesday, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent company, said that it aims to close the T-Mobile and Sprint merger deal by April 1.
Google fine

Google, Facebook, and Twitter Face International Fines

Google continues to face antitrust fines. Recently, Turkey fined the company $16.3 million on charges that it abused its market dominance.