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Investing in the blockchain, or just crypto-curious? Whatever the case, Market Realist can help you keep up with the cryptocurrency sector and blockchain technology.

Facebook Libra

Europe’s Top Economies Reject Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

Germany and France, Europe’s largest and third-largest economies, say they have no place for Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency.

Can Blockchain Change e-Commerce in 2020?

Blockchain technology is much more than just a platform for cryptocurrencies. It's also a technological platform that could transform e-commerce.

EU Crypto, the French ICO, and Common ICO Mistakes

The US House recently introduced a draft bill to define digital assets. The Cryptocurrency Act of 2020 could lead to a new revolution in crypto trading.

Libra 101: All You Need to Know about the Cryptocurrency

Last week, Facebook (FB) and other founding members of the Libra Association launched Libra. Libra will be governed by a handful of large organizations including Uber (UBER), Lyft (LYFT), Visa (V), and Mastercard (MA). By the planned launch in 2020, Facebook expects to have 100 members in the governing body.
Walmart coin

Walmart Coin: A Bigger Deal than FB’s Libra and Bitcoin?

Retail giant Walmart (WMT) had applied for a digital coin patent. The news comes just as Facebook (FB) is pushing for its own cryptocurrency, Libra.
Why Is Bitcoin Stuck in a Holding Pattern

Why Is Bitcoin Stuck in a Holding Pattern?

If there’s one thing critics and fans agree on when it comes to Bitcoin, it’s the volatility factor. The moves are big, and timid investors need not apply.

Xuperchain by Baidu, the Digital Yuan, and Blockchain 3.0

Baidu has successfully launched a public beta version of Xuperchain. It's the first of its kind: a cryptocurrency that operates on a centralized network.

Will Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Prove Buffett and Munger Wrong?

On June 18, US social media giant Facebook (FB) revealed the details of its upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra. The company has formed a financial services subsidiary called Calibra to allow people to transact using Libra. In simple terms, Calibra is Facebook’s new digital wallet.
What is Bitcoin dominance?

Is Bitcoin Dominance a Threat to Altcoins?

Let’s be honest about Bitcoin (BTC) versus other coins. Bitcoin dominance means BTC is the most popular and recognized cryptocurrency in the world.