The must-know costs associated with increasing equity exposure

To be sure, there is one major cost associated with increasing exposure to equities: Higher volatility. As always, there is no free lunch.

Why leveraged loan flows staying strong provides price support

Another week, another billion-plus in the funds doorWe've seen once again that fund flows reflect how investors feel about an asset class. Over the...

Alternative assets perform well over the long term

Alternative assets focus on delivering absolute returns to their investors. The manager must produce an indicative return irrespective of market conditions.

Why income stocks may be risky

There has been a shift to real estate (VNQ), utilities (XLU), and consumer staple (XLP) stocks in 2014 because investors are looking for equities with bond like characteristics that give them a higher income.

The looming US retirement crisis: Key takeaways for investors

The good news is that while the recovery has impressed few, it has been much better than the alternative we were all facing six years ago, and there is still time to avoid, or at least mitigate, the pending retirement crisis.

How Bank of America is Expanding Its Wealth Division

Asset managers and bankers with asset management segments (XLF) had a great ride in 2017, helped by broader markets.

Invesco Limited: How Its Total AUM Trended in 2017

Invesco Limited (IVZ) ended 2017 with $0.93 trillion of total assets under management (or AUM).

Why American Express Revenues Could See an Uptrend in 2018

According to American Express (AXP) Global Business Travel, international business travel is expected to witness an uptrend in 2018, helping the company’s revenues.

Why China is less vulnerable to tighter US monetary policy

The Chinese currency and market are better positioned to withstand a rising-rate environment than many other emerging markets, given China’s current account surplus, ample foreign exchange reserve and low external debt.